A Child is Waiting

I am a HUGE Judy Garland fan and last year around this time I came across the film A Child is Waiting (1963).  Judy Garland is a music teacher just starting a job at a mental hospital and trying to help one of the clients at the hospital.  Burt Lancaster is also in the film as the director of the hospital  You can read more about it on Wiki.

This film really surprised me as to the thoughts of people with disabilities, that some of the cast were children with disabilities and the way children with disabilities were treated in education.  You can watch this film on Netflix 

There is a scene mid way thru or so where there was some sort of board meeting or funding meeting and the director of the hospital was explaining the importance of funding the hospital and the education of the children there.  The funders or whoever they were kept implying they would rather fund children who were able to ‘make a difference’ in the world so to speak… have jobs, lead ‘normal’ lives.  This seen was amazing to me and spoke loud and clear that today we are still lacking in the funding for education of children with developmental disabilities and the words in that scene still ring true in my opinion.  I was hoping I could show you that clip but the film has been removed from youtube.  I definitely recommend taking the time to watch this video.  It will make you go hmmm.

Here is the trailer

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